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Lately, I've been combining dissimilar visual elements and seeing what comes of it. The only problem is, sometimes the combination reveals that the elements weren't so dissimilar after all.

The caption is from an internet meme that spoke to me, and I placed it on this photo, which was taken a few miles from where I grew up. The photo depicts the San Fernando Valley at a time when wide expanses of agricultural land were quickly becoming gobbled up by the advance of suburbia. I remember hearing the sheep's bells near our house as the Basque farmers herded their sheep nearby. Even as a 2-year-old, I somehow knew the tinkling sound I heard was the last faint murmur of a quickly-vanishing era.

I like to keep this memory in mind, especially now, when it's all too easy to forget how intuitive I can be. It reminds me to reopen my mind, as it was when I was a young boy. As the caption says: it's what we think we're not that can hold us back

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