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The Recipe for an Effective Visual Identity

The Farmer's Hands' original logo communicated a rustic, rugged, hardworking lifestyle. But that wasn't the appropriate message to appeal to people just learning about the farm-to-table experience. Rather than focus visually on the demanding work required to run a farm, potential customers would respond more readily to a romantic vision - an idyllic spread of bountiful harvests and warm evenings filled with the songs of crickets. Owners Sebastiaan and Ariel Zijp wanted to convey that romantic feeling in their logo. They also wanted to retain the image of the hands, so we softened them and added muted color, then surrounded them with an emblematic circle that gives a subtle nod to the fruit crate labels that were popular 75 years ago. We added hand-drawn leaves and branches to complement the illustration of the hands.

We carried this new, gentler design to the label for their first product, a delicious Onion Jam. The label needed strong shelf appeal, but the bolder design still retains the color palette and hand-drawn feel of the logo. This visual identity campaign is appropriate for the Farmer's Hands' target audience. It's fresh and unique, and the design is carried consistently through all Sebastiaan and Ariel's promotional materials. That's a recipe that will ensure continued success!

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